Monday, August 11, 2014

Up Early Today

This morning I grabbed up more chokecherries than 
I have in over a decade, the forest is looking super healthy
and I'm excited to see a bunch of moisture around lately

Couple New things for around the shop
8" by 10" Watercolor and Gold paint on paper

 New 11" by 17" Almost have enough new sheets for a set, 
I have copies of this and a couple of the new ones I've been posting at the shop, 
Just come by and grab em

Got to Tattoo the Lovely shop Manager Jesse, around a lot of killer tattoos, thank you again for all the help and handling everything as smooth as you do

Monday, August 4, 2014

Onto August, summer is going Fast

I just got this guy framed and put up at the shop,
"EƤrendil before the Valar" 24" by 48"
Oil on Canvas, I spent a year on this one, and definitely learned a bunch
the upper right is a watercolor study, and bottom right is about halfway through the year

Come by the shop and grab some new stickers, I have another design
coming soon too

 Always trying to be painting, I have some prints of the wolf and tiger
below at the shop, they're both 8" by 11"
 Was pumped on how Cierra"s tattoo came out, 
thank you again for sitting so well, definitely a challenging tattoo

Can't beat a Rose tattoo, thank you again to everyone who's been getting tattooed...

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bring on July

Been slacking on posting for a whole month, but also upto a lot, 
Summer definitely is my favorite time of year, Hope everyone is ready
for the Independence Day, heres a couple things lately

Got to do the Colorado Flat Irons, Such a fun tattoo, getting spoiled with nature stuff lately

We had a rare Honeycomb moon on this last Friday the 13th, I was so excited to tattoo a moon

New 16 by 20 Watercolor on Arches, 
I'll be making prints soon and posting about them as soon as i can

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Back to work

Had a great time with the other half in Yellowstone,
but I don't mind being back at work either, been having nothing but fun stuff to do
 Embracing that Hobbit stereotype, I had a little time last week to put in some flower gardens up at the cabin, DAMN restless hands, more flowers to come!

Royal left the big city behind for the mountain living, I can definitely relate,
thank you again buddy
 hope everyone had a great Memorial weekend...

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Off to Yellowstone!

Been having a real fun couple of weeks,
which makes it hard leaving for a week vacation 
thank you everybody who's been getting tattooed, it doesn't feel like work most days

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Great Weekend

It's that time of year, CABIN SEASON

working on my wedge game!
pine beetle is a real problem up where we're at, just  trying to 
slow the spread of it, never-ending task

A fun tattoo from last week, Jacki thank you again, always getting fun things to draw

Deer proofing the new trees up here, 
hoping in a couple years to have some good looking fruit trees coming in
Flowers next week for the Mother's Day

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Snuck out early

Took of a little early today, I've got plenty to be working on, 
and I hope everyone is having a good Spring, 
I continue to get spoiled with fun tattoos
 Thank you Justin, I definitely would like to do more tattoos like this

 Thank you again Nicole for sitting like a beast for another big fun tattoo

 Iris got a fun Cicada tattoo today, bring on all the bug tattoos!!!
They are so much fun to do, thank you again
Planted up a Norwegian Weeping Spruce with my dad's little lady Brandy,
 we're hoping to see it grow fast, if you 
haven't seen what they look like fully mature, definitely a cool tree but,
 next up, the fruit trees...