Monday, November 28, 2016


Had a great time with the family, 
It was the first time cooking the bird for Ari
Coming up In DECEMBER, 2 great tattooers are visiting Think Tank
William Lollie will be here the 6-8th
email him at for appointments

Right after Will leaves, my good buddy Christian Lain 
will be doing tattoos at the shop DECEMBER 9th and 10th
email him for any appointments at

A couple nature tattoos from the last few weeks.
I love getting to do them in color or black and gray
Thanks again Tobin and Megan  

 New Designs ready for tattooing
"Ladies with Hats," 15"x 20"  
Email me at 

Happy Holidays everyone

Monday, November 7, 2016

Halloween Party at the shop was a Blast!

This year at the shop we threw together a 
last second Party that ended up being such a fun time
Thank you to all that helped and came out

Adam van Deutekom took the gold medal of costumes IMO
Check out his brand new website,

 New 11"x17"
Coleman style Dragon, 
For sale $300, email me if interested
2 Visits from awesome Tattooers recently
I got to tattoo Pete Skidmore from
Element Tattoo in San Antonio
Drake from Port City Tattoo was in town, 
and it was like meeting someone I already knew for years
until I see you again Homie, take care

Monday, October 3, 2016

Lots of Stuff in September

Didn't spend too much time enjoying the trees turn, 
spent some time down in Corpus Christi with my family
at Pinnacle Tattoo, got my tattoo by Christian and took part in 
"Artists Against Cancer" held by Tina Lain

Few New things from the shop

Few things from the Farm, uncapping and extracting honey was a 
process i have a ton more respect and appreciation for now

Moving into the fall, more painting coming...
Newest one, 
Stonehenge "15x20" Gouache on Board

Monday, July 11, 2016

Flying through another Year

Burning Through Summer already, heres some new stuff
from the last few months.

I will be traveling down to Corpus Christi Aug. 31st-Sept. 3rd 
for the "Artist's against Cancer" Benefit show

The Big one from the show, and Big thanks to Fish from the shop 
helping me move it and set the show up, 
"Lady SilmariĆ«n" 40" by 60" 
For sale, email if interested 

 Heres a shot of all the Art hung up down at TRVE for the "Ascension" artshow
Thank you to everyone who came down!

This year has been a my first year trying out beekeeping
and it has been a blast

A lil Dragon 11x14 for the Homie Andrew Edlin from
"No Surrender Tattoo", thanks for visiting 
good times buddy

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Solo Show April 8th

I'm very excited to announce i'll be having my first solo Art show
at TRVE Brewing Company,
I'll have all new paintings for sale so come on down 
after the Rockies opening night 

I'll have some stickers and flyers made up of this lil Devil, 
a big thank you to TRVE again...

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


This year has been exciting watching them Broncos, man what a good way
to end the season, The parade was INSANE

Getting things Varnished and framed for the upcoming solo show
I will have more info and promo soon!

Tattin animal heads is still my favorite

Monday, January 25, 2016

New year, new stuff in the works

Already almost through January, lots of in progress paintings,
also having some fun tattoos keeping me busy,

 I think I'm about 6 weeks in on this one, It's mostly gouache and liquid acrylic 38"x 60"

I did Hope's other cheek a couple weeks before this side, I'll post some healed photos 
once we get started on another project, thanks for always sitting tough

Had a really cool reference photo to go off of for Dolores,
thank you again for driving up to get this

I've been working on a little wall for the lawn, trying to level out some things,
prettier photos coming soon